Instant Pot Max Review

Find out if Instant Pot's top-of-the-line pressure cooker Max is the right fit

The Instant Pot Max is a popular do-it-all pressure cooker that replaces many most commonly used kitchen appliances.

It comes with premium features like sustained 15psi and a large touch screen display, but is this "set it and forget it" device worth a premium price?

Read out in-depth review to find out the truth about the Instant Pot Max.

By Sarah Jackson
By Sarah Jackson

Updated: 9/25/21

Instant Pot Max Highlights
Multi-Functional Cooker
NutriBoost technology
Easy-to-Use Touch Screen and Dial
Precision temperature control
Unlimited Smart Programs
Sous Vide Program
13 Safety Features
Size: 6 quarts


If you are currently planning to give your kitchen a whole new look and appearance, the Instant Pot Max might just help you. Not only because this model looks great but also this Max series is considered to be a luxury of many kitchen enthusiasts.

Although its price plays a huge role in the matter at hand, its smart functions and innovative features are largely the reason behind. But while many are looking forward to buying this Instapot, many are still having doubts whether this is a great addition or not.

Multi-Use Design

Slow Cooker
Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker
Yogurt Maker
Cake Maker
Egg Maker
Limitless Additional Options

Features & Specs

  • Unlimited Cooking Programs and Cooking Features

    The Instant Pot Max series is actually the most expensive InstaPot model. And being the most highly rated model, expect for the features and functions to be really innovative and smart.

    The cooking programs and features are all unlimited. This means that the users can highly customize and set their own parameters for every cooking session. But even so, the features still assist the users in their respective cooking and preparing times.

    It can function as a Pressure Cooker, Sous Vide, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Pressure Canner, Food Warmer, Steamer, Yogurt Maker, and Saute or Searing Pan.

  • Highest Working Pressure

    The most distinguished feature of the Instant Pot Max is its capability to produce the highest working pressure in the InstaPot series. The total pressure is measured ar 15 psi which is very significant in terms of pressure cookers and canners.

    And with its rated pressure, it can prepare and cook foods much faster than the usual. As it happens, it is seen that it increases the rate by 10 to 15 percent in totality.

Instant Pot Max
  • Unlimited Temperature Settings

    Alongside the unlimited cooking programs and features, another feature that fits perfectly the above-mentioned functionalities is the unlimited temperature setting. With this feature, users are enabled to customize their own temperature ratings depending on the type of cooking procedure.

  • 21 Custom Pre-Set Temperature Settings

    The Instant Pot Max is the only multipurpose pressure cooker that offers 13 safety mechanisms in the InstaPot series. Some of these technologies are actually patented. And these include the following:

    • Steam Release
    • Safety Lid Lock
    • Leaky Lid Detection
    • Wireless Lid Detection
    • Lid Position Detection
    • Burn and Overheat Protection
    • Automatic Pressure Control
    • Automatic Temperature Control
    • Thermal Fuse
    • Electrical Fuse
    • Pressure Indicator
    • Anti-Block Shield
    • Self Diagnostic
Instant Pot Food
Instant Pot Max
  • NutriBoost Technology

    This Instant Pot model also features NutriBoost Technology. With this feature, the users and owners are enabled to ensure the quality and flavor of the foods and dishes.

    The said technology is designed to unlock the real flavor, taste, and nutrients of all the raw ingredients. And while unlocking them, the NutriBoost Technology retains them on every dish being prepared.

  • Touch Screen LCD Display

    The Instant Pot Max is the only model that features a touchscreen LCD display. The large screen of the said InstaPot allows the users to experience a much easier and more convenient way of managing the appliance.

    It provides the users with real ease-of-use when it comes to accessing the functions and features of the InstaPot.

Instant Pot Max

Pros vs Cons

  • Durable and Sturdy

    The Instant Pot Max is found to be quite durable and sturdy as it can provide enough stability to the users even when they use it on a daily basis.

  • Smart, Safe, and Nutrient-Friendly

    The features of this InstaPot are leaning towards these three aspects - smart, safe, and nutrient-friendly.

  • Innovative Features

    Aside from being smart and safe, all of the features are really innovative which totally changes and even uplifts the idea of smart pressure cookers in totality.

  • Highly Customizable Settings

    All of the settings and configurations are highly adjustable. This actually gives the users a very personal style of cooking and preparing foods and dishes.

  • Wide Variety of Cooking Options

    Homeowners are found to decrease the eat-out scenarios due to the programs installed. It allows the users to have different styles and kinds of dishes.

  • Precise Preparation of Ingredients

    The settings and adjustments of this instapot give the users the freedom to choose their own style of cooking. But, this does not end here. The Ultra Series enables the users to have precise figures when it comes to the amounts of the ingredients and length of time.

  • All-Inclusive Features

    The features in the Instant Pot Ultra are all found to be beneficial. Whether you want a dessert, a snack, a full-packed meal, or even salads, you can have it through this InstaPot.

  • Easy-to-Use Touch Screen

    The Instant Pot Ultra comes with an intuitive touch screen interface and dial for fine tuning cook times and temperature.

  • Learning Curve

    Due to the several options and settings, there is a definite learning curve for the users. And it might take time for one to fully master the overall pressure cooker.

  • Cook Times

    The only drawback of the Instant Pot Max is that it comes with a very expensive cost. Some consumers and interested buyers are really having second thoughts when they see the overall price of the InstaPot.

  • More Expensive

    The Instant Pot Duo Plus is more expensive than the Instant Pot Duo.  If you're looking for the most inexpensive Instapot option, the Duo might be your best bet.

  • No Wifi

    Unfortunately this model doesn't come with Wifi connectivity.  If you're looking to control your Instant Pot with your phone, check out the Instant Pot Smart Wifi.

Instant Pot Max Highlights
Multi-Functional Cooker
Touch screen and dial interface
Unlimited Smart Programs
Size: 6 quarts

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