Vitamix 5300 Blender Review

How does the 5300 measure up?

If you’re in the market for a high-quality countertop blender, you may be considering a Vitamix model. The brand has been making blenders for nearly a century. And over time, its name has become synonymous with best-in-class materials, manufacturing, and design.

Of course, there are a lot of great options from Vitamix and its competitors. From the fully-equipped Vitamix 7500 to the clean and powerful e310, choosing the right blender can take a bit of research. That’s why we’re reviewing everything you need to know about one of Vitamix's classic blenders, the Vitamix 5300.

By Sarah Jackson
By Sarah Jackson

Updated: 11/28/20

Vitamix 5300 Highlights
Low-profile 64-ounce container
2.2 horsepower high-performance motor
10 variable speeds
Pulse feature
Tamper included
Laser-cut stainless steel blades


The Vitamix 5300 blender is part of the brand’s Legacy series. This range includes the most tried-and-true blenders. They might not be the most up-to-date with flashy new technology. However, these blenders are beloved and continue to stand the test of time.

The 5300 comes with some of Vitamix’s highest-end features at a reasonable price. First of all, it has the most spacious container, at 64 fluid ounces. This provides ample room for anyone who likes to prepare large-batch dishes or meal prep.

The Vitamix 5300 is equipped with a 2.2 horsepower motor, the most power you’ll find on a Vitamix blender.

Easy-to-use pulse setting and 10 variable speeds make this the perfect blender for cooks who like to maintain control.

When it comes to features, compared to newer Vitamix models, the 5300 is more paired-down. The simple, straightforward interface might not have a flashy touch screen or digital timing technology you'll find in some of its pricier cousins. But at the end of the day, the 5300 is easy to use, large enough for all your blender needs, and approachable by cooks of all levels.

Features & Specs

  • Spacious 64-Ounce Container

    What sets the 5300 apart from several other options, like the Vitamix e310, is the larger container. 64 ounces is ideal for households of four or more people. It’s difficult to feed more than three with the 48-ounce container. You'll have to work in batches, which means more dishes to clean and often a bigger mess.

    At the same time, if you’re in a household of one or two or cook in small batches, the 64-ounce container might be more than you need. In that case, the e310 offers many of the same easy-to-use features with a smaller container.

Vitamix 5300 4
  • 2.2 Horsepower Motor

    Most of the new Vitamix models have the invisible power of a 2.2 horsepower motor. And the 5300 is no different. This model is a reasonably affordable way to get both a powerful blender base and a 64-ounce container.

    2.2 horsepower is enough to take down solidly frozen ingredients, raw nuts, seeds, and coffee beans. With the 5300, you can even replace your coffee or spice grinder too.

  • Tamper Included

    The hard plastic tamper that comes with the 5300 is a must-have Vitamix accessory. It enables you to push food down towards the blender blades for smooth mixing. Plus, with the tamper in hand, there’s no need to stop and scrape down the sides in the middle of your smoothie making. This means using your blender is faster, easier, and less messy.

    The tamper is also easy to clean and sturdy enough to handle some forceful mashing. It fits perfectly into the hole in the blender lid. You can blend and tamper at the same time without fear of explosions or overflow.

  • Low-Profile Design

    While the container may be bigger than most, it still fits easily under kitchen cabinets. Instead of height, the 64-ounce container has a wide base. This makes it easy to remove all the food from the bottom of the container. It also means you can proudly display your Vitamix on the counter at all times. The sleek design and two color options don't hurt either.

    Larger blender containers, such as on the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender, have a taller design that can be harder to store.

  • 10 Variable Speeds

    When it comes to blending with the 5300, you’re in control. The blender has a smooth 10-speed dial that reves from one (perfect for chunky salsas and rough chopping) to 10 (a smooth purée).

  • Pulse Feature

    In addition to the 10-speed dial, the 5300 blender also has a handy pulse feature. Simply flip the switch on the control panel up or down to pulse on or off. The blender will run at whatever speed you’ve selected.

    Use this feature for rough chopping without running the risk of totally puréeing your ingredients. This is another practical feature that you won’t find on comparable models, such as the Vitamix 5200.

  • Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Blades

    Vitamix and quality go hand-in-hand. There’s nowhere this is more evident than in the superior materials the company uses. Laser-cut, 4-inch stainless steel blades make quick work of any amount of food or hard-to-grind ingredients. They're also easy to clean and long-lasting.

Vitamix 5300 Red 2
Vitamix 750 Blender
Vitamix 5300 black 4
Vitamix 5300 Black 3

Pros vs Cons

  • Large Capacity

    The 64-ounce low-profile container is a significant benefit to the 5300. The container both has ample room for large-batch cooking and is easy to clean and empty.

    The wide base makes it simple to remove food between the blade and container with a rubber spatula. And the squat design means the entire blender, base and all, fits neatly under standard kitchen cabinets.

  • Versatility

    The 5300's powerful 2.2 horsepower motor and stainless steel blades make a highly versatile machine. This blender goes way beyond smoothies (though it can handle those no problem).

    Make creamy frozen desserts like ice cream, warm puréed soups, nut butter, batters, and so much more.

  • Easy to Control

    The manual speed dial on the 5300 makes it easy to control the blending and consistency of your food. If you’re looking for a lightly chopped fresh salsa, keep things on speed number one or use the pulse feature. For a silky-smooth vegetable soup, dial speed setting it up to 10.

    The blender will even warm a chilled soup in under 7 minutes. It does this with friction heating technology. But don't worry, thanks to a built-in cooling fan, your motor is safe from overheating.

    Sure, newer Vitamix models come with pre-programmed blending presets. But the 5300 gives you full reign and creative freedom over your blending.

  • Powerful Blending

    Vitamix has become synonymous with power in the blending world. And the 2.2 horsepower base on the 5300 does not disappoint. Whether you’re a daily smoothie maker or an occasional nut butter blender, the 5300 motor is powerful enough to accomplish nearly any job. It’s also built to last, which is evident in the 7-year warranty.

  • Laser-Cut Stainless Steel Blades

    The built-in blades are sturdy enough to make quick work of frozen products. But you don’t have to worry about a cut during cleaning.

    Other blenders, such as the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender, have a removable blade tree. Sure, it can be handy to remove the blades for cleaning. But Vitamix’s built-in blades are safe enough to clean without worry. The blender stays in one piece and there’s no need to worry about losing parts.

  • Compatible with Other Models

    If you already have Vitamix products, it’s worth noting that most Legacy Series blender bases and containers are compatible with each other. The 5300 is interchangeable with all other low-profile containers, including the Vitamix 7500. It is not compatible with the Explorian range (like the e310) or classic tall containers like the 5200.

  • Not Dishwasher Safe

    Vitamix does not recommend cleaning the 5300 container or parts in the dishwasher. Instead, add a drop of dish soap and warm water and let the blender run for 30 seconds to one minute. Rinse, dry, and the blender is good as new!

    This is the case for most Vitamix models. However, there are a few, including the Vitamix A3200, that are dishwasher safe. The main reason not to put the container in the dishwasher is to protect the blades and keep them sharp and long-lasting.

  • No Digital Features

    The 5300 is relatively low-tech compared to some of the newer Vitamix models and competitors. The more professional-leaning Vitamix Ascent blenders, for example, include touch screens, count-down timers, wifi compatibility, and self-detecting containers. The Ace Blender from Instant Pot is also equipped with eight one-touch programs, including heating and cooling.

    The main features of the 5300, on the other hand, are more hidden. While there may not be a compatible iOS app or other bells and whistles, the 5300 has the power and quality design you can rely on for years.

  • Slightly Louder

    The Vitamix 5300 is a few decibels louder than newer models. For example, the Vitamix 7500 has an updated motor (still at 2.2 horsepower), which is slightly quieter. Of course, those few decibels of sound come with a higher price tag.

  • No Presets

    Another feature you won’t find on the 5300 is blending presets. Pricier models, including the Vitamix 750, come with built-in options for blending smoothies, purées, hot soups, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning. Competitors, including the Blendtec Total Blender, also comes with presets for hands-off blending.

Color Options

The Vitamix 5300 is available in two color options: Black and Red

Vitamix 5300 FAQs

Like the 5300, the Vitamix 7500 offers 64 ounces of blending space. The 7500 has a slight advantage over the 5300 when it comes to sound.

The newer (more expensive) motor on the 7500 is a few decibels quieter than the 5300. However, both motors are 2.2 horsepower, and the other central features (pulse, 10-speed dial, stainless steel blades) are nearly identical.

The Vitamix 5200 and 5300 are pretty comparable models. They are also close in price. The biggest difference is that the 5300 packs a 2.2 horsepower motor, while the 5200 offers 2 horsepower.

The 5300 is more compact, thanks to the low-profile design. The 5200 comes with a taller container and base. Therefore, it might not fit as well under your cabinets, and it can be a little harder to clean. However, the 5200 offers an additional color option, white.

The Vitamix 5300 is part of the brand’s Legacy Series. These are the classic, reliable, and high-quality models. They tend to be more expensive than the newer Explorian line and cheaper than the high-tech Ascent Series. Legacy blenders promise high-quality Vitamix manufacturing without the fancy bells and whistles.

The main difference between the Vitamix e310 and the 5300 is the container size. The e310 only comes with a 48-ounce blending container, compared to the 5300’s 64-ounce container. Both are low-profile, easy to clean and fit under standard kitchen counters. The Explorian Series blender containers, of which the e310 is a member, are not compatible with other Vitamix bases.

While the 5300 might not have every high-tech feature you’ll find on pricier Vitamix models, it is one of the easiest to use. The interface is straightforward and user-friendly.

First, plug it in. Then, simply add your ingredients to the container and secure the lid. Select a speed from the dial, from one (the slowest) to 10. You can start at a lower speed and work your way up as the ingredients start to break down.

Flip the power switch and watch those stainless steel blades get to work! If your food isn’t blending smoothly or moving well inside the container, remove the stopper in the lid and push down with your tamper. Use the tamper to mash any food riding up the sides of the blender.

This blender comes with the basics. First, the motor base, equipped with 2.2 horsepower speed and a 6-foot cord. Next, the 64-ounce low-profile BPA-free container. You’ll also find the low-profile plastic tamper for use during complex blends.

Finally, a Getting Started Guide helps you set up, start using, and properly care for your new blender.

Vitamix does not recommend putting the container or other parts in the dishwasher. However, it’s easy to clean the blender with a drop of dish soap and warm water. Blend for 60 seconds, rinse, and the container will be good as new!

The 5300 blender base has two color options. Choose from flashy fire engine red and sleek and classic black. The container is always clear, and the lid is black.

Yes, the unit comes with a 7-year warranty. The warranty covers parts, performance, repairs, and shipping. Note that the warranty does not cover blenders damaged due to commercial use.

Vitamix 5300 Blender
Low-profile 64-ounce container
2.2 horsepower high-performance motor
10 variable speeds
Pulse feature
Tamper included
Laser-cut stainless steel blades

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