Instant Pot Duo vs Instant Pot Lux

With an abundance of sizes, a multitude of models, and the holiday season quickly approaching, it can be overwhelming trying to find the right Instant Pot for you and your kitchen.

To help with your decision, I’ll be comparing two of Instant Pot’s most popular models, the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 and the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1.

Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, and Warmer|6 Quart|12 One-Touch Programs
Instant Pot IP-DUO60 321 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6-QT, Stainless Steel/Black
3qt, 6qt, 8qt
3qt, 6qt, 8qt
Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Saute, and Warmer|6 Quart|12 One-Touch Programs
3qt, 6qt, 8qt
Instant Pot IP-DUO60 321 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6-QT, Stainless Steel/Black
3qt, 6qt, 8qt

But first, I want to answer a question I’m frequently asked in regard to pot size. Does size matter? In this case, yes!

Both Instant Pot models are available in 3 different sizes: 3-quart, 6-quart, and 8-quart.

The 3-quart mini Instant Pots are best for people cooking for 2 or 3. The smaller model is perfect for party dips and desserts, and can easily be stored away in your kitchen cupboard. The downside is that there aren’t as many accessories made for the 3-quart size as there is for the 6 and 8-quart sizes.

But keep in mind most recipes are catered to 6-quart models and would need to be halved in order to be cooked in the 3-quart mini pot.

The 6-quart is the standard size of Instant pot and is good for feeding 4 to 6 people. Although not as easily stored as it’s mini version, you’ll be able to stow your 6-quart pot in a larger cupboard or pantry.

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 The 8-quart model is perfect for holidays when your entire extended family is under your roof. The largest model size can cook for more than 6 people. It’s in no way small, however, and could become a staple of your kitchen countertop if no other storage can suffice. But think of all the leftovers!

Now that you have size in mind, let’s find the Instant Pot with the best features for your cooking capabilities!

The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 and the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 will be compared in the categories of Versatility, Ease of Use, Customer Satisfaction, and Cost.


The fact that the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 has one more function than the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 should come as no surprise as it’s in the name.

Both the Duo and the Lux include pressure-cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, sautéing, and warming features.

Don’t be alarmed if you do not see the “Pressure Cook” button on the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 when you go to buy. The “Manual” button in the center of the control panel is the pressure-cooking function.

The Instant Pot Duo is able to cook at high and low-pressure settings. Instant Pot Lux, however, does not have the ability to cook at low-pressure settings.

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The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 includes a yogurt-making function as well.

I personally own the Duo. Though I didn’t buy the model specifically for its yogurt function, I’m surprised by the many Instant pot yogurt-making tutorials I’ve watched since purchasing it. Yogurt might be my next sweet venture!

The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 undoubtedly takes the cake in this category.

Ease of Use

Many customers admit being intimidated by the many functions of the Instant Pot before purchasing it. If you feel the same way, here’s come consolation.

Based on numerous reviews following their purchase and use, Instant Pot customers rave about how easy and self-explanatory the appliance is and how many online resources there are for questions, recipes, blogs, and tips!

The Instant Pot’s design is to cut down on kitchen hassle. I mean, it’s 6 or 7 appliances rolled into one single kitchen godsend.

And it’s easy to use with easy one-touch features, adjustable temperatures settings and an easy-to-read control panel!

All that and both are dishwasher safe!

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Both the Instant Pot Duo and the Instant Pot Lux come with a steam rack insert. Customers have preferred the Duo’s steam rack as it is designed with handles for safe and easy removal.

The Lux’s steam rack does not have handles. The Lux also does not have a holding place for the lid like the Duo does.

For these reasons, the Instant Pot Duo is the winner of the Ease of Use category.

Customer Satisfaction

In a strange coincidence, both the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 and the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 average a 4.6 rating out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Walmart customers give the Duo a 4.8 out of 5 stars and the Lux a 4.7, a close race.

Target customers prefer the Instant Pot Duo to the Instant Pot Lux, giving the pots 4.8 and 4.6 stars, respectively.

One happy customer called the Instant Pot Duo “Not your mother’s pressure cooker!” Another says, “The time it saves makes it a wonderful addition to our kitchen. I highly recommend!!

My own sister called me the other day ecstatic over the first meal she cooked in her birthday-gifted Instant Pot Duo.

The Instant Pot Lux is also received raving reviews, some more conventional than others!

 “If for nothing else,” one eager Instant Pot Lux owner wrote, “do it for the boiled eggs! DO IT!” If that comment alone doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will!

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Another customer contributes their happy marriage to the purchasing of the Instant Pot Lux. Well, maybe that’s a stretch. “Last month my husband threw me on the Instant Pot bandwagon by purchasing this one and I don’t plan on getting off anytime soon,” they wrote.

Although these Instant Pot models are critically acclaimed, the biggest complaint of both is malfunctioning pots. It’s a good thing each Instant Pot is given a one-year warranty.

The best reoccurring compliment on the customer satisfaction polls was how the Instant Pot elevated and/or revolutionized their cooking in a fraction of the time!

In comparing the reviews of the Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 and the Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1, The Duo earns the most positive reviews. The Duo wins the Customer Satisfaction category.


The Instant Pot Lux 6-in-1 is the cheaper of the two models averaging around $79 for the 6-quart.

Be sure to check Amazon for amazing deals. Just this week the Instant Pot Lux is being sold for $59 on Amazon Prime! That is a $20 difference compared to other major kitchen appliance retailers.

The Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 is more expensive averaging around $99 for the 6-quart.

Although like the Instant Pot Lux, the Instant Pot Duo is currently on sale on Amazon Prime for $79.

All in all, pick Instant Pot Lux if you’re trying to Crème Brulee without breaking the bank!

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