NutriBullet Pro Review

Is the NutriBullet Pro a smart buy?

Not all blenders are created equal, and it’s important to assess a new appliance’s features, pros, and cons before making an investment. Personal blenders, in particular, can range in ability, power, and durability. NutriBullet is known as a leader in making efficient, well-designed personal blenders built for optimal performance and nutrition.

But which NutriBullet single-serving appliance is right for you? This review dives deep into everything there is to know about the NutriBullet Pro Blender and how it compares to the competition. Ultimately, you’ll be able to decide if this is the right appliance for your kitchen.

By Sarah Jackson
By Sarah Jackson

Updated: 12/18/20

NutriBullet Pro Highlights
900-watt motor
Dishwasher safe
Extractor blade
2 travel cups and lids
Recipe book included


The NutriBullet Pro is the company’s next level up from the classic NutriBullet personal blender. With the same bullet-like design, the Pro model offers a step up in power and size.

This personal blender is excellent for high-volume blender users without a lot of storage space. The appliance is lightweight, easy to store, and is the perfect size for a one- or two-person household. It’s also easy to use and clean, making the Pro a perfect first-time blender for students or new cooks.

Features & Specs

  • Powerful Motor

    900 watts is a lot of power for a single-serving blender. While it might not sound like much compared to the Vitamix 7500’s 2.2-horsepower (1640-watt) blender base, it’s quite a bit of power considering the blender’s size. After all, the 7500 motor has to blend 64 ounces of volume, while the NutriBullet Pro is only dealing with 32 ounces. 900 watts is enough to crush ice and break down whole foods into colorful, nutrient-dense drinks in a single-serving cup.

  • 32-Ounce Blender Cups

    32 ounces of space is plenty to whip up large-serving personal smoothies, soups, and sauces. In many cases, there’s enough room to make two filling servings. Plus, the two included 32-ounce cups come with the convenience of travel. Included with a NutriBullet Pro purchase are two travel lids so your smoothie can go straight from blender base to car cupholder without any messy pouring or extra dishes. This is a level of convenience you simply won’t get from larger standing blenders like the Vitamix 5300.

NutriBullet Pro 5
  • Powerful, Detachable Blades

    The Nutribullet Extractor blades are specially designed to optimize the amount of nutrition in your food. The stainless steel blades are long-lasting and hardy enough to crush ice and other solidly frozen ingredients. Plus, they easily detach from the blender base and cup for cleaning right in the dishwasher. No more awkward scraping under and around the blades to get the last drops of smoothies like with larger blenders like the Vitamix 750.

  • Recipe Inspiration

    Every NutriBullet blender purchase includes a colorful recipe book. For new blender owners, this booklet offers a wealth of inspiration and information about how to make the most of your new appliance. From fruit and vegetable smoothies to savory soups and silky salad dressings, rely on NutriBullet for the most nutritious ways to put your blender to use.

  • Easy to Clean

    Dishwasher safe is a significant plus in the blending world. And it’s not a feature that even pricy competitors, like the Vitamix e310, can claim. However, with NutriBullet Pro, you’re safe to rinse the blender cup, blades, and lids and clean them in the top rack of the dishwasher.

  • Easy to Store

    The compact nature of this personal blender makes it easy to store in small or shared kitchen spaces. The bullet shape fits easily under kitchen counters, unlike tall and bulkier blender options like the Vitamix 5200. And if you don’t want it on display, you can detach the lid and base for storage in a cabinet or pantry.

NutriBullet Pro 8
Nutri Ninja 4

Pros vs Cons

  • Cyclonic Action for Faster Blending

    The NutriBullet inverted blender cup is built to encourage what the company calls cyclonic action. This is a fancy term for the cyclic movement within the blender cup when the motor is engaged. As the food at the bottom near the blades gets broken down, it moves up the sides of the cup to the top. This leaves space for the larger food pieces at the top to slide down towards the blades. This circular movement continues until everything inside the blender is evenly distributed and blended to the same consistency.

  • Easy to Use

    The simple design and pared-down features on the NutriBullet Pro make this one of the most powerful and easy to use blenders on the market. To use this blender, fill the cup with your ingredients. Include some amount of liquid for more effortless blending. Screw the extractor blades firmly onto the blender cup and invert the cup and blade onto the motor base. Ensure the base is plugged in, then press down on the cup to activate the motor. As you press, the motor will engage and blend away. When you’ve reached your desired consistency, simply flip the blender cup right-side-up, unscrew the blades and enjoy your freshly made smoothie. You can also attach one of the to-go lids and take the blender cup with you on the go.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Once you’re done with your smoothie, cleaning couldn't be easier. Simply rinse out any visible food remaining in the cup or on the lid and blades. Then place them in the dishwasher. The next day, your blender will be fully clean and ready to whip up a new smoothie.

  • Long-Lasting

    The NutriBullet Pro is both stronger and longer-lasting than the NutriBullet blender. Built for durability and fast blending, this model is well worth the slightly higher price. The 300 extra watts mean that every blend takes less time and puts less stress on the machine. As a result, you can rely on the NutirBullet Pro for hundreds of fresh homemade smoothies, soups, sauces, and more.

  • One Speed

    With the NutriBullet Pro, you’re limited to one blending speed, regardless of the blender contents. This is the case for all NutriBullet personal blenders. The good news is that with 900 watts, your single speed is pretty robust. Compared to gussied-up blenders like the Vitamix a3500, which has 10 variable speeds and 5 pre-programmed settings, the NutriBullet line seems pretty bare-bones. But if you don’t need the variability in speed or other fancy features for your blender recipes, the 900-watt, single-speed NutriBullet should do the job.

  • Push-to-Blend

    All NutriBullet personal blenders are built with a push-to-blend design. This means you have to hold the blender cup down into the base to activate the motor during the entire length of your blend. With upright blenders like the Vitamix e320, you can select a speed and walk away. And other suped-up competitors, such as the Instant Ace Blender, allow you to choose from a range of blending programs with one touch and walk away. While the NutriBullet is a more hands-on blending experience, the cyclonic action design encourages constant movement inside the blending cup for efficient, consistent blending every time.

  • No Pulse Feature

    Another control feature that the NutriBullet doesn’t have is a pulse option. Other blenders, such as the Blendtec Blender, have a simple on/off switch for pulsing. This comes in handy for stubborn blends that need a jolt of power to get going. It’s also useful for gently chopping soft vegetables for salsas and other chunky recipes. While there isn’t a specific pulse button on the NutriBullet, you can use the push-to-blend system as a sort of pulse feature. By pressing down and releasing the blender cup from the motor base, you will engage and disengage the power. This provides a blending jolt similar to pulsing.

  • Limited Sizes

    The NutriBullet Pro comes with a 32-ounce travel cup. And the company calls this the “colossal cup” for a reason. It has ample room for large blends for one to two people. However, you won’t make satisfying smoothies to feed three or more in this blender. Blendtec’s 75-ounce blender pitcher, for example, is better suited to feed larger households.

NutriBullet Pro FAQs

The main difference between the NutriBullet and the NutriBullet Pro is the motor speed. The original NutriBullet model peaks at 600 watts, while the NutriBullet Pro goes up to 900 watts at top speed.

In addition, the Pro model comes with a 32-ounce blender cup (the higher wattage means the blender is strong enough to blend more volume). The NutriBullet, on the other hand, only goes up to 24 ounces of blending space.

One area that the NutriBullet has a leg up on the Pro, however, is in its blades. The original blender model contains two stacked blades. The professional model has one set of blades. That being said, the stronger motor makes up for the step down in blade count on the more advanced model.

Other than these differences, both blenders are pretty similar. Importantly, they’re both personal blenders made by NutriBullet and offer the same 1-year warranty. They're also both dishwasher safe, have a single blending speed with no pulse option. The pro model tends to be a bit more expensive than the regular NutriBullet.

If you’re looking for a powerful blender at a reasonable price for a one- or two-person household, then the NutriBullet Pro is worth it. It’s a bit more expensive than competitor single-serving blenders like the NutriNinja, but you also get more versatility with more travel cups. This blender is light and easy to store and transport, making it the ideal choice for small spaces.

Yes, this blender quickly takes down ice to make chilled drinks. For the easiest blending, and to preserve the life of your blender blades, smaller pieces of ice is best for blending.

Choosing the right NutriBullet blender model for you depends on your needs. For starters, do you need a single-serving, personal blender? Or are you looking for a larger, stand-up blender that can serve 3 or more in one blend?

If the answer is a personal-sized blender, then the NutriBullet, NutriBullet Pro, Select or Rx models are up your alley. For larger blenders, you may be more interested in the full-sized NutriBullet Blender or Blender Combo.

From here, it’s up to you whether you want more power, size, or add-ons. For example, the NutriBullet pro has more power and a larger cup size than the NutriBullet. The Pro 1000, however, goes a step further with a 1000-watt motor. For most regular smoothie makers and home blending needs, the NutriBullet Pro is an excellent choice for its speed, durability, versatility, and size.

Yes. This blender is carefully designed and tested for consumer safety. Before use, read the included Getting Started Guide for best practices to use and clean the machine. Always follow guidelines about the use of electronics near water.

Yes. This model is dishwasher safe. You can clean the blender cups, lids, and the extractor blades in the top rack of your dishwasher. To clean the machine itself, apply a damp, warm cloth.

The machine comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. To activate your warranty, be sure to contact customer service after purchase.

The NutriBullet Pro is one of the most colorful blender options on the market. Spruce up your kitchen decor with a pop of blue, pink, purple, green, or red. There are 10 bright and fun color schemes to select from.

This blender comes with two 32-ounce travel mugs, two matching lids, a motor base, and detachable blades. You can purchase additional 32-ounce cups and both flat and travel lids (with a drinking spout). You can also purchase additional extractor blades and handy plastic rings that attach to the blender cups to transform them into mugs. The NutriBullet 24-ounce and 18-ounce blender cups are also compatible with the NutriBullet Pro. The company does not recommend attaching parts (like blades and other cups) meant for other models to your Pro, as this can cause damage.

The design of the NutriBullet Pro does not lend itself to use as a food processor. The blades are a bit too short and the blending cup is too tall and narrow to chop and grind ingredients like a wider, shorter food processor with long blades. If you’re looking for a home blender that does both, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System can seamlessly transform from an upright pitcher-style blender to a single-serving blender to a food processor.

NutriBullet Pro
900-watt motor
Dishwasher safe
Extractor blade
2 travel cups and lids
Recipe book included

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